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General Discussion / My van has passed its government test
« on: June 19, 2018, 08:28:32 AM »
Every year in the UK, motor vehicles that are over 3 years old have to pass a government test. This covers emissions, braking, mechanical safety, lights, seat belts and many other things. It is designed to ensure that all vehicles used on the public highway are safe. My van is a twin wheel 3.5 tonne version, and it falls into the class 7 category, and the tests for these vehicles are a lot stricter than those for cars and light vans. I thought they would find a few things wrong with it, and it was going to cost me money, but it passed without even an advisory.

Do you have these vehicle tests in your country?

This X22 report discusses the way that the central banks attempt to 'retain control of the narrative'.

X22Report - Episode 1591a - Published on 13 Jun 2018

I'm getting quite a few applications for membership from apparent forum spammers, and I'm having to reject them without any research. Trying to discover a relationship with the Bitcoin Talk forum can be quite difficult, and I cannot afford the time at the moment. If you are rejected, then you will receive an email, and you are welcome to re-register in accordance with the registration rules.

You will need to use your exact Bitcoin Talk member name for registration. This is to avoid possible false accusations of plagiary, and because the project was set up specifically to help members of the Bitcoin Talk forum to improve their English language posting. You will also need to supply a valid email address, as you will need to confirm your application if it is approved. If you do not confirm within 7 days, your application will be cancelled. We do not use emails for spamming or for any purpose other than registration for this forum. This is required to help reduce the number of potential spammers in the forum.

I didn't like to see this board being left empty, so I thought I would tell you guys about the Free Republic of Liberland. Some of the founders of Bitcoin Cash have claimed a 7Km square island in the middle of the Danube, and they have declared it as a republic. You can read more about it on their website, and the link is below. It sounds like an interesting project, and it shows what you can do if you have a few spare $billions.

Basic information about Liberland

Practice threads / Acronym of the moment
« on: June 08, 2018, 06:22:48 PM »
An acronym is a word created from the initial letters of a phrase or group of words. The world of crypto is full of acronyms, and I'll list some of them as I notice them in the Bitcoin Talk threads. Here is the first one -

FOMO - this means the 'fear of missing out'. It is particularly relevant as the price of Bitcoin keeps moving sideways, and it is obvious that it is steeling itself for a major breakout. Which way will it go? The charts seem to indicate that it is still in a bear trend, but there are some major financial events this weekend. The Bilderberg conference is one, and I hope we can get some reports from this. No doubt they will be discussiing the banking crisis, and the merger plans of the debt ridden banks. So do we buy Bitcoin now and risk falling off the cliff, or do we hold off and risk missing the 'hockey stick' rise.

I thought it was time that I stated some of the policies of this site. This is not a legal document, and is provided for the information and guidance of members and guests.
The site is hosted in America, and we recognise the laws of the United States. I am English, and I live in England, and I recognise the laws of England. I do not support the failing politically and economically bankrupt European Union, and its attempted sequestration of the assets of the United kingdom.

eMail - we ask for an email address when registering, and this is required as an attmept to reduce the number of spammers attempting to sign up to the site. The address is saved in your account details, and may be used to contact you with regardto various site issues. We do not make these addresses available to any other organisation, and we do not use these for the purpose of selling any products.

IPs - These are stored in the hosting statistics, and they are kept in general form and not related to specific members. Your current IP will be logged in your account, and we may view that to establish your current location.

Board names - we insist on your using your Bitcoin Talk user name as your sobriquet here, as this is primarily a site to support the Bitcoin Talk forum. We check applications, and reject names that are not in the current members list. Using the same name is a great help to the Bitcoin Talk moderators when checking for plagiarism. There are a few members who are not registered with Bitcoin Talk, these are known to the owners and administrators of this site, and were invited to join during the initial start up period.

Profile details - Obviously details that a member has indicated should be in the public domain, will be available for other members to view. Any other details are restricted to viewing by administrators, and they will not be provided to any other party.

This is a new project, so we will probably have to change some of our ideas as the project evolves. Please post your suggestions for improvement in this thread. There are three important considerations in creating the final post.

- The final post needs to be interesting, informative and to be written in good and fluid English.
- We need to avoid any accusation or suspicion of plagiarism,
- There needs to be a simple method of awarding merits to the creator of the post topic.

Start a new thread on this board, and provide an English title. You can use Google translate for this, if you are not confident of your English. The first post should cover the original local language post. If this has been submitted to the Bitcoin Talk forum, then use the quote button there to create a quote, and cut and paste the text in full. This must included the author attribution. Follow this with a direct link to the post. You can obtain this URL by clicking on the # number in the top right hand corner of the post.

If your post is a reply to a question, or a previous comment in the thread, then post a direct link to the relevant post or posts. Do not translate these at this stage.

Create a second post in your submission thread on this board. This post will be the starting point for your final translated creation. Again, if your English is weak, you can use Google translate to create this. This first post is only the basis for discussion, so we can add, delete and edit elements in it to create the final submission,

If your post is a response to previous comments, then you will need to create an explanatory preamble in English. Include this as a separate paragraph in front of your English submission in the second post.

If you are unclear about anything, then please post in this thread. Bitcoin Talk rank, and the original post language are not restrictions in this project, but we may struggle a bit with some of the language translations. However, I'm sure we will cope, even if we have to invoke a bit of outside help.

Now - lets get started with a submission.

I have introduced a new project on Bitcoin Talk to help new and junior members to gain merits. These will only be given for quality posts that have been discussed and edited in this forum. Members who do not have English as their first language are encouraged to take part in this initiative.
After editing and approval, a post submitted in the Bitcoin Talk forum is guaranteed a full quotation  in the Ivory Tower thread -
In addition the original post made by the member is guaranteed to receive merit.
We want to make this a project to promote quality posting, and your help in this will be appreciated.

Morris dancing is one of the earliest recorded forms of dancing in England, and it dates back to the 15th century, or perhaps earlier.
Wikipedia, has an informative article about this dance form here -

Here is a Youtube video of Morris dancing with sticks. -

Have you got an interesting traditional dance in your country?

English historical notes / The British pound
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:45:35 PM »
The British currency is referred to as Sterling, and the two primary units in the modern monetary system are the Pound and the Penny. The Penny is one hundredth of a Pound. The older units such as - the Crown, the Florin, the Groat, the Shilling, and the Farthing are no longer in common use. Two other coins are legal tender in Britain - the Sovereign, and the Britannia, and they are now investment tools for gold investors. For example, the Britannia has a face value of 100, but it will cost around 1,000 to purchase one from the Royal Mint. The other unit that is still in use is the Guinea, and this is worth 1,05. It's use is confined largely to bidding at livestock and other auctions. It was created to include the auctioneers fee in the auction price. A bid of one Guinea would include 1 for the seller, and 0.05 for the auctioneer. Settlement would be in Pounds Sterling, although I believe that at one time, golden guinea coins did exist.

The word 'pound' comes from the Latin word 'poundus' meaning weight, and the Sterling symbol '' is an ornate version of the letter 'L' in the Latin word 'libra'. It was originally equivalent to a pound in weight of silver.

Suggested improvements / Editing your posts
« on: May 22, 2018, 07:27:26 AM »
I thought I had allowed a period for  poster to correct his text after posting, but it looks as if the feature was disabled. I've changed this to allow 10 minutes for spell checking and other corrections. Please let me know if you think this is too short an allowance.

I've been looking at the Spanish board again, and I came across this thread by Gothorum.

The Google translation is rubbish, but it looks as if he may be making an interesting point. Maybe this is another post that could be translated.

Quote from: Gothorum
Every time it gains more bitcoin followers and cryptocurrencies among the elderly, retirees or those about to retire see a good option in the face of the scarce pay they have left after retiring, so much so that they already represent a business, innovative startups they are creating new retirement solutions based on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.
It can be a good option, in addition to being able to earn some money and live a little better, they will also be entertained, because this can hook you up.
On the other hand and also looking at the positive side, retirees may keep more bitcoin before selling lower, since most may be thinking about improving their way of life, not directly speculate.

Not just the Caribbean / Merits for translations on Bitcoin Talk
« on: May 20, 2018, 02:43:05 PM »
You guys might be interested in this project that I have just started on Bitcoin Talk

Suggested improvements / The Spanish section
« on: May 20, 2018, 09:46:08 AM »
Some of you may have noticed thart I have added a Spanish section, and I thought I would explain this addition. The primary motivation for this cane from seoincorporation, and I am reliant on his support, and that of our Spanish speaking members, for the maintenance of this section.

I agreed to its addition because Spanish is such an important language in the modern global economies. It is also important in the world of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, with some countries turning to Bitcoinas their own currencies fail. Venezuela is one example of this. Maduro's proposed Petro token is an experiment that bears watching, but I suspect that it may be difficult to get any objective comments about it.

I understand that there are many extremely good threads and posts in the Spanish section of Bitcoin Talk. I hope that we can encourage some members to translate these, and add them to the enlish language boards on BT. Please don't forget to credit the original poster if you do convert somebody else's post.

General Discussion / Congrats to Fedora for getting her degree
« on: May 12, 2018, 01:40:20 PM »
I hear that you have managed to get your degree in Information Technology. I think this is an awesome accomplishment given the economic and social turmoil in your country. Well Done!
I have great respect for people who pursue and achieve their goals in the face of extreme adversity.

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