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Front running domain name sales - the scam
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Front running domain names is the practice of listing names for sale that you don't own for a high price. Your hope is that you can sell the nme to an unwitting buyer, and after receiving payment, you purchase the name for a lower price via a buy-it-now offer. Another reason for front running is to increase the perceived value of a similr name that you own, and are hoping to sell after receiving a purchase enquiry.

I own the domain name, and I have just received a notification that it has been listed for sale at afternic. This is an image of the sale offer. -
This has happened to me several times in the past, and I registered a domain name so that I could put a link on my domin sales pages stating that I do not sell names through afternic. This is the page -

So what will I do now? Well I'm not averse to selling the name for a four figure sum, so I will set up a sale or offer page at Name Silo, and add the name to their market place. I will also create a sales landing page for the name. Maybe I can take advantage of this scam.
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