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General Discussion / Re: My van has passed its government test
« Last post by seoincorporation on Today at 03:43:23 PM »

Do you have these vehicle tests in your country?

Ummm.. sort of, but not as rigorous as the one you described. In Mexico we have a think called "verification", but they only make measures of the emissions, and it is not implement in all the states.
For instance, if your car have some big emissions issues, you will not be able to go to the city with it, due the high level of pollution in Mexico City. Also, most of the cars have some days of the week a restriction, for instance, you can't use your car on Mondays, and it is based on the number of your matriculation. The pollution level is too high.
Regarding mechanics, nop. We don't even need to have sea-belts in the posterior part of the car, no matter if your car is adjusted with a rope, you can see infinity quantity of surrealistic staff in here: it is common to see 3 or 4 persons in a motorbike, a child driving a trailer... and we just pay for our license, we don't need to pass an exam!!!

Imagine how chaotic it is  ;D. But, if you can drive in here with an almost-garbage car and surrounded by people with no license or knowledge of the rules, you can drive anywhere.
Threads about the Internet / Buying an expired domain name
« Last post by Baronets on Today at 10:15:47 AM »
I've just put in a $1 bid on a name in a Dutch auction for expired names. I watched the price drop, and about 5 minutes ago it was sitting at $5. It has just clicked down to $1, and I registered my bid, so it will be mine if it isn't renewed during the nest 21 hours. The name was registered in 2009, and I keep the age, as I will have bought it before it expires. Godaddy values it at around $1,300, but I doubt if it is worth more than $200, and it will probably take a year or so to find a buyer. It's probably mad to wait for that last $4 saving, and I've lost some good names in the past as a result of my trying to get the lowest price.
General Discussion / My van has passed its government test
« Last post by Talk Merit on Today at 08:28:32 AM »
Every year in the UK, motor vehicles that are over 3 years old have to pass a government test. This covers emissions, braking, mechanical safety, lights, seat belts and many other things. It is designed to ensure that all vehicles used on the public highway are safe. My van is a twin wheel 3.5 tonne version, and it falls into the class 7 category, and the tests for these vehicles are a lot stricter than those for cars and light vans. I thought they would find a few things wrong with it, and it was going to cost me money, but it passed without even an advisory.

Do you have these vehicle tests in your country?
Practice threads / DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging
« Last post by Talk Merit on Yesterday at 06:28:14 PM »
DCA or Dollar Cost Averaging is a technique used by long term investors to build an asset holding. It is almost impossible to determine exactly when the bottom of a drop has been reached. With DCA you spread the cost of acquisition over a period as the assets drops in price, and then subsequently starts to rise. Profit is calculated by taking the average price over the whole purchase period.
Practice threads / ATH - All Time High
« Last post by Talk Merit on June 17, 2018, 02:21:09 PM »
ATH - refers to the All Term High price.

It is the highest price that the coin or security has ever achieved in its lifetime.
 XE reports the ATH of Bitcoin as 14,592.54111   ( $19,435.92003 )
General Discussion / Re: newbie here
« Last post by NadiaHel on June 14, 2018, 07:04:59 PM »
You need to stop thinking of earning merits as an objective in itself. Improving your communication skills is far more important and valuable.

This is one user with two accounts spamming here also.
Used to spam the Bitcointalk forum a lot.
Practice threads / Re: What do you think of the Karma system here?
« Last post by NadiaHel on June 14, 2018, 07:00:02 PM »
- Karama is a rat. + Karama is friendly and fluffy. :)

And "smile"? I "smiled" you meaning to give you a smile, but I don`t know if that means what I thought

EDIT. I`ve just bought a pair of new glasses and read that what I thought to be "smile" to someone, was, "smite"!!!!
Oh, my.  My mistake!!!
Sorry, I just was trying to SMILE you not to SMITE YOU.

Now I have my brand new lenses. I can see again.
Well, this last month at least three woman have appeared killed and cremated after in my region. Those three, sadly are the ones we have heard off, but probably, there are much more.
Even when they have been killed in exactly the same way, and they appeared in the same places, there is nothing in the newspapers, but very specific photography's and some comments full of morbidity.
No one is talking about this is probably made by a serial killer. No one have even mentioned it.
There are cameras closed to the places they were killed, but there is no investigation, every one remains in silence, for the people in Mexico is too scared of the police, of the system to speak out.

This is the situation in here. Sorry for talking about such a sad history, but I think this is time of showing up how the living feels in here.

In another country, I'm sure this will be in the mean page of all the newspapers. I'm sure the society would be shocked for that. In here, it is just another normal day.
Another killer woman.

What happens when a society get so used to violence?
General Discussion / Re: newbie here
« Last post by seoincorporation on June 14, 2018, 05:20:02 PM »

I would be very glad if you tell us how is the Chinese situation with crypto and the internet.
Also, I'm personally very interested in the social situation in China.
Practice threads / Re: Making me trouble..
« Last post by seoincorporation on June 14, 2018, 04:49:04 PM »
The forum is growing step by step... So maybe it is wise to introduce the 60 days, and, probably in no time, it will be time of changing it again into 14.
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