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Why was my application rejected?
« on: June 13, 2018, 08:48:03 AM »
I'm getting quite a few applications for membership from apparent forum spammers, and I'm having to reject them without any research. Trying to discover a relationship with the Bitcoin Talk forum can be quite difficult, and I cannot afford the time at the moment. If you are rejected, then you will receive an email, and you are welcome to re-register in accordance with the registration rules.

You will need to use your exact Bitcoin Talk member name for registration. This is to avoid possible false accusations of plagiary, and because the project was set up specifically to help members of the Bitcoin Talk forum to improve their English language posting. You will also need to supply a valid email address, as you will need to confirm your application if it is approved. If you do not confirm within 7 days, your application will be cancelled. We do not use emails for spamming or for any purpose other than registration for this forum. This is required to help reduce the number of potential spammers in the forum.