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Title: Now the Theresa May jokes appear
Post by: Billy Brexit on November 17, 2018, 09:41:54 AM
You know she is finished when all the belittling jokes start to appear. Jet Cash posted tht Larry the cat has resigned from his position as chief mouser at No 19 Downing Street.

Now it is being reported that she has phoned IKEA to order a new cabinet. Of course as an ardent Pro-European remainer, she wouldn't use a British company, but instead, she would opt for a Swedish company. Not only that, but IKEA uses the globalist methods of reducing taxes, and, despite it sales of $28 billion per year, it is registered as a charity, and only pays tax at 3.5%. They need to change their accountant, that rate sounds a bit high for the super-national globalist organisations.

The profit and tax information was provided by Fast Company -