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Title: Is the current Brexit 'deal' having a dead cat bounce?
Post by: Jet Cash on December 01, 2018, 03:36:52 PM
We all know that the current "deal", isn't a negotiated deal, but is just the creation of the puppet masters who control the EU, and that it was a dead cat that no sensible person could support. The surprising thing is that so many members of parliament are prepared to turn their backs on their country and the electorate and support it. One wonders what they have been promised in the unlikely even that it or some other treasonous agreement gains approval. The deal appears to be going through a dead cat bounce at the moment, but one suspects that this will be short lived, and is just the precursor to some other dreadful alternative. They talk of "crashing out" of the EU,but the only reason that there is no orderly plan for the true Brexit that we voted for, is that the Eton/Oxford controlled government have spent two years trying to block it.

You can't fall off a cliff edge unless you have been led up the cliff. The bankers have spent the years since 1970 leading us up to the cliff edge. It's time to turn back towards the verdant pastures before the EU pushes us over the edge,