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It' s funny, to be honest. Mexico is one of the most difficult countries to be an immigrant. In my case, I spent years there, and they always treated me as inferior, they even kidnapped me several times in the airport seeking for some money, et al.  After years being a student in Mexico, I didn't have any rights: I couldn't have a job, because you can either study or work but you can't do both in Mexico, so I even was an "ad honorum" teacher in the UNAM -I wasn't allowed to get a single penny for teaching, for my papers said "student"-. Also, I had no rights at all, not even to be able to get a residency. So...

In Spain is really different. The immigrant policies are far more relaxed than Mexican's. You only need a job offer to get here and get your residency and, of course, you will be able of both working and studying. You can also come here for studies purposes, and you will be allowed to work 20 hrs/week.

I'm sad to read it, but, honestly, that's why I left Mexico, even though I really love my life in there. Insecurity was too much, far more being implicated in some rescuing activities, as I used to.
Well.... I guess the only thing left is to conserv some hope and to be careful, for the criminals are more and more each day, and life itself has no value. What are your oaths on living the country for good??? I can't just imagine how's to raise your children into such a violent environment...
Hope you the best!!! If you need any kind of information about immigration in Spain or stuff, just ask.

This is curious, because in Mexico I've know very few woman having a natural deliver. This is because it is far more profitable to doctors to choose the c-section instead of the natural one. In Spain, on the contrary, the deliver is always natural, unless the lives of the mother and the children, or one of them, is in dangerous, but a real one. I've listened too many stories that the sweet star one, in which the doctors always choose to bring the baby through a surgery. Well, I see that as an obstetric violence, for in too many cases this is unnecessary. Of course, I'm not talking about sweetstar, but about many other cases, in fact, a friend of mine is into this problem in Mexico, tryingto educate women about their rights when delivering.
I was surprised about how many c-section Mexicans do, for in Spain it only happens in a really really rare and extreme case. After meeting Dunia, the friend I told you, I understood how this is a business and how horrible it can be for both the mother and the children.
However, this is not only happening in Mexico. My sister in law, she's from Poland and in there is the same: they always prefer to make a surgery to the mother instead of bringing the baby by the natural process, and they always make any possible excuse in order to convince the family. So she decided to have her baby in Spain. The deliver lasted more than 20 hours, something completely normal. By this time I was in Mexico and all my friends were like: " oh, how can it take so long?? Why the doctors don't just operate her???" Again, I was surprised. 20 hours or delivering is both normal and common and, yet, the Mexican people around me were confused and scared.

Yep, I have some mixed feelings about AMLO as well. And, for what I've seen, he's just ruling without the people, meaning, forgetting quite soon his promises. The oil price is in the moon and the people still hungry. Anyway, as you say, we might wait and see. He's not even taken the sit yet, so maybe this time there is still hope.
Now, about the daily days my have you seen any changes?? Any hope in the people, any sign of a nipew mindset arising??? I left Mexico in a very bad shape, honestly, after many years in there I just left a hopeless society and a criminal environment. So that's why I am asking if, at least, there is any change on the people's mindset.

Absolutely agree. Despite the 6 years they have ahead, this is really difficult to combat and modify all the corruption and the rotten mindset of the people in the power. That's sad, but even if they are really willing to do some changes (which honestly I don't believe), this is going to be an impossible mission.
But... how knows?? Maybe this change into the political system is just bringing some hope to the people. And that, at the end of the day, is something powerful.

para gordas / Re: Welcome to para gordas
« on: November 09, 2018, 11:02:15 AM »
active. I think the important issue is that larger girls do seem to have problems in finding clothes that aren't drab tents, and hopefully we can help them to project their real personalities.

Yep, also it depends on how do you manage the name: if you just use it from some sense of humour, I think it might work, despite the negative first impression. It is a matter of managing, I guess.
Anyway, I'm here. When you want to restart all the projects, just say the word!!!

General Discussion / Re: Like to share my thought
« on: November 07, 2018, 08:51:56 AM »
Actually 7th rule is my personal experience. In draft I check and remove all spelling mistakes but after posting, sometime it feels that some sentences need restructuring so that they mean same what I intend to convey instead of different interpretation by different people.

Yes, you're right. I am an impatient girl and my tendency is to click post before reviewing. Once I realized the mistakes, I always edit my post. But, after reading this, I've been trying to control myself (jeje) and to read well before even posting.
Anyway, congrats for ranking-up and also for this useful piece of advice.

Hey, Sweetstar!!
I didn't know that AMLO was doing it so badly, even though I am not surprised. Anyway, I still believe that, for the first time, AMLO's team seems pretty interesting, like his wife, for instance, the first first lady with a brain so far.

Anyway, corruption is so into the society that it seems impossible to make real changes in Mexico in such a short time. Have you perceived any change so far? Any social change? Any new thoughts in society or any tiny feeling of hope?
I am far from Mexico now, as you well know, and I'd like to know how are the people doing there. It is only a month left for AMLO to take the power!!

General Discussion / Re: Like to share my thought
« on: October 30, 2018, 09:06:01 PM »
Eyyyy!!! I've read your thread on the BT and, Congrats!!

I absolutely agree with both your words and Iasenko's. Honestly, I've been quite apart from the BT forum, it has been quite boring lately, especially since the last changes. Whatever, I'm glad to see deserving people actually ranking-up. ;) ;) ;)

And I will try to follow the 7th rule, for I always forget to read twice and, once published, I see too many mistakes, so I always edit my own quotes or posts.

General Discussion / Re: The mythology surrounding Paganini
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:02:29 PM »
Because he was a genius. When preparing a piece, you physically memorize the patrons, the moves, so, at the moment of playing it, this is almost automatic. If you are unlucky enough of having a string broken during the interpretation of the piece, then all the study disappears and you need to focus on making the violin sound as supposed with this new limited situation.
That's impossible to many included me jeje.
Paganini was a genius.

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 23, 2018, 12:19:57 PM »
Lol, oh my god, my faces were supposed to be laughing faces! Sorry my dear friend.  ;D ;D

Jajajjaa don't worry. Anyway, the author seems to be lost, he hasn't said a word  :o

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:34:53 AM »
LoL    ;) ;) I guess itís a perk of being a teacher! I usually try to see what words they translated from their own language. I think itís easy for me because as I speak Spanish and English I know how Spanish speaking people tend to translate word by word!!

???? I was just trying to mean that this is awesome. I think that's precisely what he was trying to mean, but to me was practically impossible to decorate the post!!

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 20, 2018, 11:06:25 PM »
Im guessing he wants to post this in a thread and wants our corrections. Let me see if I can correct this:

I donít agree with your ideas. Those newbies who donít reas the rules and regulations of this forum are most likely spammers, not real newbies. If from the beginning their real intention is phishing, why would read the rules? But those newbies who participate actively in the forum have for sure read the rules, so itís not fair to say all newbies are the same!

I hope this is what he meant!

Jajajaja, if that's what he actually was trying to mean, you're a magician!!

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 20, 2018, 12:13:16 PM »
Ok, I've tried, believe me, but I can't understand what are you actually trying to mean with your post.

- Whose thoughts don't you agree with?
- And you are talking about different types of newbies?
   - The spammers... do they read the rules or not, because there is some contradiction in your speech.
   - The others......

Well, please, try to explain it, I just feel unable to get the idea.

Practice threads / Re: Old proverbs that may not be true.
« on: October 20, 2018, 12:09:48 PM »
I hadn't heard those proverbs in my life. In mexican there is a proverb I absolutely hate: "El que no tranza, no avanza", meaning something like "Those who don't scam, they don't progress in life".
I think we all agree about how absurd and idiotic this proverb is, as well as a reflection of how insane the society behind.

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