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Lets see how this contentious fork will affect the whole crypto market.

It seemed pretty stupid to put a remainer in charge of Brexit, but now all is becoming obvious. The idea was to mess around for as long as possibe, and during that period a rise in immigration was encouraged, also the sale of national assets to globalist bankers and their agents. With regard to the actual Brexit, it is obvious that the Eton/Oxford elite had to block that. The latest plan that May is forcing on the country without any voting or discussion, is intended to remove the UK from the European council. Members such as Nigel Farage have been a disruptive influence, and the current plan will get rid of all UK representation, and as a bonus, the UK will remain a slave state with no say in policy, but subject to all the EU controls and payment obligations.

Reluctantly, I have had to take this step. Unfortunately, every day I have a number of applications from apparent spammers who don't read the rules, and it is a bit time consuming to have to check each one to see if he is a member of Bitcoin Talk.

New members aren't blocked from joining, but they willneed to request membership through the Talk Merit account at Bitcoin Talk.
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English historical notes / Spend a penny.
« on: October 14, 2018, 07:49:18 PM »
"Spend a penny" is an euphemism for the perfoming of the action that one would undertake in a public convenience ( restroom ). There is a fairly simple explanation for the origin of the phrase. Many early conveniences made a small charge for the use of the facility. This was a copper penny coin, and in days before the decimalisation of Sterling, its value was one 240th of a Pound. A brass box was attached to the outside of the entrance door to a cubicle or room, and the penny was dropped into a slot in the top of the box. This moved a locking pin, and a handle could be turned to allow the dooor to be opened.

Many public conveniences provided free access to a urinal for men, and thus men were only required to "spend a penny" for more serious functions. Women were not provided with a free facility, and this provoked numerous complaints at the time. Men tend to have more direct language when commenting on bodily functions, so the expression tended to be used by the ladies more often than the men. Hence it's use to describe an action that would have been free for men.

As a related topic, many people believe that Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet, and a short form of his surname is sometimes used as a colloquialism for its use. This is not based on fact. Thomas Crapper was a plumber in the late 19th century, and he founded a company which is still in existence. The toilet was invented by Sir John Harington in the 16th century, and some people still use the name "John" to refer to the device.

On a further historical note -The ancient Romans had a system of sewers, and rooms with communal seats were provided above these sewers. Of course, they didn't have paper in those days,and they used a stick with an associated water or vinegar bucket near by. The stick had a sponge on one end, and this is the origin of the expression "don't grab the wrong end of the stick".

para gordas / Life beyond the curve.
« on: October 09, 2018, 02:44:31 PM »
It looks as if fashion and health tips will be a popular discussion for larger ladies. The polar bear and I have decided that we should open up a dedicated forum for this, and I have installed SMF on the domain Big Gal to get things started. I haven't customised it yet, so any suggestions will be welcome. The "straight out of the box" site can be seen at -

This will be mixed Spanish and English, and we will see how we get on with this concept. It might need a few translated quotes so that all can enjoy the project.

Healthy living and eating around the world / What is a drupe?
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:20:27 AM »
A drupe is a fruit with an outer fleshy coating surrounding a hard shell, and it usually has a single kernel ( seed ) inside. Examples are coconuts, walnuts and olives.

Drupes are a valuable part of a healthy diet, and help with anti-aging. Coconut oil is particularly good as a cooking oil, as it does not break down at cooking temperatures.

Country specific news and discussion / Joan Baez sings in Italian
« on: September 29, 2018, 11:49:35 AM »

Joan Baez sings La Canzone di Marinella ( The song of Marinella ) in Italian. The song was recorded in 1984.

I receive quite a few membership applications from potential members who aren't registered with Bitcoin Talk. I have been rejecting them, but I wonder if I should allow some of them to join, and then suggest that they join Bitcoin Talk.

Some of them are obviously link spammers, and I don't want them as members, but I suspect that one or two may be crypto-enthusiasts, or responsible people who want to improve their English. Adding them as members could broaden the discussions here in Fit to Talk.

What do you guys think about letting non-BT applicants have access to some of the boards?

Suggested improvements / New image hosting site for members
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:53:31 PM »
I've created an image hosting site for members of the Fit to Talk project.
It needs a bit of customising, but when I've done that, you will be able to post your travel pictures, and discuss them here on the boards. When you have joined, you will be part of a group called "fitters". At the moment I've only loaded one image, but this is the gallery index page.

Let me know what you trhink of the idea.

When a US treasury matures, the US government just send you the money. Some of the treasuries are not being renewed, and the released money is being invested elsewhere. Russia nnd China have tripled their investment in gold over the last couple of years, and yet the price hasn't risen. This would seem to indicate a manipulated market, and at some time the lid will have to blow off.

I believe that the same thing is happening with Bitcoin, but on a much reduced scale. The supply of "real" Bitcoin is very limited and small (by world standards), and this leaves the way open for massive price rises.

Global political discussions / The Antonov 225 lands inOakland California
« on: September 16, 2018, 07:43:36 AM »

The AN225 was manufactured in the Ukrain by the state owned Antonov State Company, and it is the world's largest cargo aircraft. It is frequenty chartered to send aid to disaster zones and for famine relief, and it has been pretty busy recently. It is good to see that sometimes humanitarian aid can rise above petty political squabbling.

General Discussion / Now BMW introduces the riderless motorcycle
« on: September 13, 2018, 07:14:32 PM »

There has been a lot of recent publicity about driverless cars. Now BMW has introduced the riderless 'bike. I'm having some difficulty in understanding a use for this, apart from the experimental research aspect of course.  For me, riding a motor cycle is a pleasant experience as well as an efficient means of transport. Sending a motor cycle off on its own doesn't seem to have any practical purpose, and if I'm sitting on one, then I want to have complete control.

Global political discussions / Will the IMF SDRs be the new global currency?
« on: September 11, 2018, 03:16:22 PM »
The IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) is the only central bank without debt problems, and they have already created SDRs ( Special Drawing Rights ). It is likely that as the local central banks collapse, the SDRs will become the International trading currency. There will still be local currencies such as the dollar, but the US will no longer be able to create these, but will have to obtain them from the IMF. The IMF has created two SDRs - oSDR, or the official SDR, and the mSDR, the market SDR. These can be traded between nations, and also are available to the globalist organisations such as NATO. It is a move towards a single global currency, and will be followed by other globalist power grabs, such as universal taxation.

That is the plan anyway. Will it happen, or is it possible to avoid being forced down this path?

Country specific news and discussion / Kingston Black English apples
« on: September 11, 2018, 02:33:11 PM »
The Kingston Black is one of the old varieties of English apples. Its sharp bittersweet taste made it perfect for the manufacture of cider, and this is how it achieved its alternative name of Taunto Black. Taunton is a rural town in the county of Somerset, and is at the centre of the traditional cider making region. Regrettably England was forced to burn many traditional apple orchards when the UK joined the European Union. One result of this is that much of the modern cider is derived from French apple pap, rather than the superior old English varieties. Kingston Black is such a perfectr apple though, that many trees have survived, and are being used by small local breweries such as Barrow Hill.

Historic note - Some of the original cider presses had lead frames, and the acid apple juice made a toxix liquid as it flowed over the lead frames in the presses. This could lead to brain damage and other illnesses amongst the cider drinkers. One reason that the rich didn't suffere from this was the social habit of visiting spa baths. The weightlessness of floating in the water, coupled with the drinking of the spa water released to toxins in the body via urine. Although this also resulted in the loss of beneficial minerals as well as the toxins, these minerals were replaced by the spa water.

Country specific news and discussion / Why were bagpipes invented
« on: September 10, 2018, 03:21:11 PM »
Scotland is a country in its own right, and it has a proud warrior history. It may not surprise you that the bagpipes were invented as a weapon of war. The intention was to instill fear into the opposing army, and it probably worked. Their warriors were know as "The women from hell" as the kilted army entered the fray accompanied by the wail of the bagpipes.

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