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General Discussion / Why do everybody hate Bounty Hunters?
« on: October 15, 2018, 06:15:12 PM »
I came to the BTT forum looking for a way to get an extra income for my family. The economy in Mexico is not greaat and what ever extra penny we can make is so needed. As I started to post some ANN I had translated I relised my pictures were not showing because I was a newby and that I couldn't become a Jr. Member unless I could get a merit. I was really desperate, since the projects I was working on kicked me out of their programs because although my translation was good, my posts were not useful for their projects. So can you blame me or those in such forum who are "Chasing thebacon"

I wonder, why such hate!!?? LOL  ;D


Got it! I'm not a political person but here goes nothing!!

In the year 2006, Mexico had presidential elections. The political paramount was odd, after a term with a new political party after 50 years of the same Mexicans face the question of choosing the same one again,going back to the things they knew or chose a change once again. The results showed a divided country, since the elected president had won elections by just half of a porcentual point. It was technically a tie.
And the sore looser was not going to take it laying down. Oh and he didn't!!
Mexico city became a chaos when Mr. Andres M. Lopez decided he would take the city under siege until his rightful claims were heard (they never were) and he paralyzed one of the most busy and beautiful parts of the city with his siege, the economy of the whole city was affected, jobs were lost, businesses had to close since there were not enough for them to go on, traffic was a mayhem and yet he stood his ground for 47 days.
According to the National Chamber or Commerce at least 35 thousand businesses had to close, and a total of 7 thousand 796 million pesos were lost, since most businesses saw a steep reduction of 60% on their revenue and at least 3 900 000 people lost their jobs. Disaster!
And yet 2018 came along and Mr. Lopez had the great idea of ruining again!!
A lot of Mexican were worried, what if he lost again? Could the city endure another tantrum?
I wasn't that his ideals and proposals weren't good, it was just the fact that he had put his desires and what he believed were his rights above everything else, above other people's needs. How could you trust a leader that  doe that?
Luckily for our economy (fiuff) he won! and as stated before, his ideas and projects are good. Let's just hope he does fulfill his promises of bringing Mexico to what he has been calling The Fourth transformation.

This might be just teh first drafft. let me hear your ideas!!

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies / Question about correct wording!
« on: October 02, 2018, 03:36:46 AM »
Hi everyone, so I知 doing a translation to Spanish, and I just have a conflict about when to keep the terms in English and when not, like block change, or tokens, or stakes, to the best of my knowledge every one who reads these white papers are related somehow to the altcoins, right? An they know these terms, or am I wrong
Please help me! :(

Introduce yourself / English teacher, in the house!
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:10:00 PM »
Hi everyone, my name is Mony now I知 from Mexico. I致e been a teacher for almost 20 years and and recently I started translating some bounties. It has been a real roller coaster, since I never envio Eda myself talking about alconins, and bitcoins, etc. But now I知 learning so much of so much!! I知 here willing to help anyone I can with my knowledge and hoping to get help wher I lack such knowledge.
I知 so happy to be here!

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