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@Jet cash, maybe we could do with some sort of template somewhere?

"This post was originally posted on"...

Thank you for your comment at Bitcointalk about the link. I could understand why the link is necessary :)

Thank you.

but I didn't see a link to the Fit to Talk thread. We needto be really careful that we don't get involved in any plagiarism accusations.

Sorry, but what does it mean? Did I have to attach the link of this thread to the contents posted on Bitcointalk?

Country specific news and discussion / Consumption tax hike in Japan
« on: October 11, 2018, 03:45:56 PM »
In Japan, consumption tax will hike in next year October. It will be from 8% to 10%. To make things difficult is that only for specific consumption, 8% tax rate still applies. Everyone is confused because the system is too complicated.

Do you think that the consumption tax rate of 10% is high? What is the tax rate in your country?

I am not sure if Satoshi Nakamoto is Japanese or not :'(, but I think many Japanese people think that he is Japanese.

Also, according to our government's announcement, it is said that 3.5 million people are trading crypto currencies in Japan, which is about 2.75% of the population. How about in your country?

The main purpose is the first part. I would like to be the Taxation accountant who know about crypto and blockchain the most in my country :D  I am particularly interested in the taxation system about Crypto and the potential for Crypto, how affect people life.

About bounty, I participate in translation bounty. I think this will be useful for understanding crypto and project. In addition, I would be pleased if I could translate articles on taxation of other countries related to current my work in the future.

If you're going to post this on bitcointalk with my edits, can you post a link to the thread here I'd like to comment on it?

Thank you for editing, I really appreciate that!
Now I posted it at Economics.

This is the link.

Introduce yourself / Re: Hello
« on: October 05, 2018, 03:47:07 PM »
Hello manfredmann :) Glad to see you here.

In my case, I got advice from admin and other participants by making a thread in the bottom section of "Help to start a Bitcoin Talk thread".

It is said that central banks plan to release their own curypto currency in some countries,for example Japan..
I know it is quite extreme, but I consider the world that coin and bill currently circulated are abolished, and only the curypto currency issued by the central bank circulates.
I think there are some merit and demerit.

Merit for goverment
Promotion of utilization of blockchain and smart contracts in various infrastructures
Reduce the cost of issuing coin and bill
It is possible to prevent money laundering and crime because of catching a money transaction
It is possible to confirm the history of deposits and withdrawals of funds and possible to reliably catch taxable objects
Bribery can be eradicated

deMerit for goverment
Increases a risk of hacking
It takes cost to update various infrastructure such as payment system
Defining the total supply amount makes it impossible to measure to prevent deflation, and If it does not, it will become inflation
When equipment is destroyed due to a disaster, it will not function as an exchanging means
Bribery is eradicated

Merit for user
There is no need to carry cash
Reduce the cost required for payment settlement
Easier transfer of assets in inheritance
Since transactions are recorded on the blockchain, accounting and tax returns are simplified

I think there are other merits and demerit,so I'm happy if you suggest other ideas.

By the way, do you want to live in such a world? I do not want to live in such a world that I can be monitored by the goverment, no matter how convenient it is.

I want to try this challenge.
This is from Japanese board that I posted.







皆さんはこんな世界に住みたいですか?自分はどんなに便利な世の中でも全て国家に監視されるような世界には住みたくはありません。。。 :'(

And this is another post that by translating the contents that I had posted on the Japanese board once and posting it on the English board.



General Discussion / Why I'm here?(Fit to talk English and Bitcointalk)
« on: October 05, 2018, 03:12:41 PM »
1. Improve my job
I'm a Taxation accountant in Japan, and in my country, most of Taxation accountants don't know about crypto and blockchain very well. So I would like to improve my knowledge about crypto and blockchain, and be the Taxation accountant who know about crypto and bockchain well. By differentiating from other Taxation accountant, then to get a lot of good job :D

2. Improve my English
I have studied English for 12years in school and studied in NewZealand for a year. But my English is still not good. So I want to improve my English more.

sometime join bounty...

Introduce yourself / Re: Hello
« on: September 30, 2018, 03:55:17 PM »
Thank you for reply, and I'm very glad to hear you are interested in Japan and Japanese culture :)

Unfortunately I have only a little bit of martial arts experience in school lessons. In Japan, Baseball and soccer are popular sports, and basketball is also popular these days.

Also, a lot of disasters occurred in Japan this year.  in the summer of this year, earthquake twice, and big typhoon twice brought damage to Japan :'( :'(

Introduce yourself / Hello
« on: September 26, 2018, 04:40:11 PM »
Hello Everyone! I'm tactac from Japan. Nice to see you  :)

I'm looking forward to studying with you guys.

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