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I'm sad to read it, but, honestly, that's why I left Mexico, even though I really love my life in there. Insecurity was too much, far more being implicated in some rescuing activities, as I used to.
Well.... I guess the only thing left is to conserv some hope and to be careful, for the criminals are more and more each day, and life itself has no value. What are your oaths on living the country for good??? I can't just imagine how's to raise your children into such a violent environment...
Hope you the best!!! If you need any kind of information about immigration in Spain or stuff, just ask.

I understand where you're coming from, I guess that you kinda get used to, and immigration is not so easy everywhere you go there would be an issue for sure. Also ma whole family is here, and as you know Mexican families are tight, I have my parents that I need to help and really immigration has never crossed my mind. I'd like to live in the US or UK for that matter just so that I could speak English all day every day, hehehe, but seeing how the American government treats Mexicans who want to immigrate I think is not worth it.
Also I have lived in small towns most of my adult life, is just recent that I moved to the big city and we try to stay safe, we don't go out late and we try not to be flashy when we go out, we live a simple life. Another advantage is that I work from home so I don't have long commutes, which are usually where people get mugged, my husband has lost his wallet, his phone and once even his pack pack commuting, so we think is safer for us if I try to stay home and work here. That's one of the reasons I'm looking for translations jobs so I can stay home, take care of the children and still make a living.
I think one way or another we all face difficult situations, How about in Spain? Aren't immigrants mistreated in Spain?

Now, about the daily days my have you seen any changes?? Any hope in the people, any sign of a nipew mindset arising??? I left Mexico in a very bad shape, honestly, after many years in there I just left a hopeless society and a criminal environment. So that's why I am asking if, at least, there is any change on the people's mindset.

Not quite, I mean as you say he hasn't even take the seat yet, and everything he is doing is just ruffling things up. But the general feeling in the country is chaotic, crime is rising and economy is unstable. So no real hope is invading people.

Hey Helana, you know in the beginning there was a sense of hope around AMLO winning the elections, it was like he had been revindicated for the past, and he really seemed to promise changes that would benefit many, at least the most, the popular people not the rich ones. But then he goes and does something like this and many questions arrise, like why arenít the business men involved in the previous project not reacting to this? What have they been promised? Why would AMLO act outside the law where all the time his speech was about living and ruling by law? Under what authority does he callas for a referendum if he is isnít president yet? And in general the feeling is that the new president is acting out of contempt and his reaction seem to many as a tantrum!
I guess weíll have to wait and see what happens.

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« on: November 06, 2018, 06:54:31 PM »
Definitely with out anything else!

Hi everyone, it's me again. This time I want to write about a situation that's happening in my country related to the airport in the capital city. I expect your comments on the issue!

About 8 years ago, Mexico city faced a situation where the International Airport of Mexico city had become too small for its transit. Flights were almost always back to back, the noise constant and the traffic jams in that area insufferable. So the government proposed to build a new larger airport in an area close to the city which would allow it to grow and help the traffic in the city diminish. People from the area were really upset, they didn't want an airport to be build there, their arguments were related to the ecosystem of the site since it entailed to drain a lake which would harm birds and fish from the area. People were so against this airport that marched in the city as a sign of protest, when they were not heard they faced the builders with machetes and guns, the message was clear they were not going to allow this airport be built there.
During this time, Mr. Enrique PeŮa Nieto was governor of the state where the airport was being built, and he remained "in favor" of such project but said he wasn't able to change people's minds or opinions on the matter. So the project was stopped and the old airport was resized bringing even more traffic, pollution and noise to the area. 
Years went by and the actual president of Mexico, Enrique PeŮa Nieto decided a new airport needed to be built, in the same land that brought up so many troubles and somehow this time round there were not such problems, and the constructions began. The new airport promises to be great, reducing the pollution in the city and allowing the traffic to be detoured to a well planned and ample highway not too far from the city and yet with space enough to continue growing.  Investments from private companies and Mexican government would make up the budget to accomplish this dream of an airport that would help develop the surrounding areas and bring many jobs for many people.
Sadly during this year's elections for president, one of the candidates claimed that the new airport was a scam, not just because of the harm it would cause the ecosystem, but also because it was being built with money belonging to Mexican citizens, that should be used in other more important things. In his campaign he promise if were to become president he would stop the airport from being built.
He won!! And short a month from becoming the new president of mexico he has declared he will stop the building of this already underway airport, he says the people should not pay for it since normal people, people who work every day to hardly bring food to their tables don't fly, and if they do they don't need a fancy airport to do so. He even did a census to ask people if they wanted the new airport to continue or be stopped. His census was a scam, since only one million people voted, and most of them weren't even from the city. His solution to the already overwhelmed airport is to open smaller airports in close by cities, and build a smaller airport in the other side of the city, in a place that is not only dangerous but also in a land that belongs to his associates. He claims that this is what the actual president did, and that the company in charge of building the new airport belongs to a president's friend, he also says that the government want to use the land and infrastructure of the old airport to develop a new high-end neighborhood with new malls and beautiful surroundings.
Once again this new president has proven to be pursuing his own agenda over all the benefits this new project will bring to the people living in the area of the city. By stopping the building that has already started, he won't rescue the ecosystem that has already being destroyed, he is not bringing more revenue to the area, he is not providing new jobs, he is not taking advantage of the already set infrastructure. 

Ok, so this is kinda the first draft let me know your opinions.

I've had two children, my first I was young and I was overdue a week so the doctors induced the baby and still I wasn't able to give birth, so I went through a C-section. In my country doctors are obligated to put mothers through all the meds before going into a C-section, which in a way is a good thing. My son though had a lot of troubles growing up related to respiratory issues, the pediatrician said it was because he wasn't born through the birth canal, when he was born he had to be kept in an incubator since he had some trouble breathing.
On the other hand my second baby, 17 year after, I was too old this time round,  ;D ;D ;D. And this time my baby girl had the cord round her neck, which I told the doctor as I arrived to the emergency room, I went there with no labor pains just because my blood pressure was really high, they stabilized it and I was still a week early and yet they induced labor, I went through labor and yet as my baby had the cord around her neck she wasn't able to born like this, so I went through another c-section. Again my baby had to be kept in the incubator and she had an awful bump on her head because of the strain of being pushed out and was held back. I wasn't able to see her as she was being born and I was so upset for the whole ordeal but that is how hospitals work here, they try to save money by putting mothers through unnecessary pains and put babies through so much stress when they are being born, also the human side is nowhere to be found in the whole thing. I think is hard for doctors to know when would be the right time to use these meds and to really know what is the effect on babies, the truth is my two babies had trouble beathing as they were born so maybe this is somehow related to such meds.

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 22, 2018, 02:09:44 PM »
I added a face - do you want me to change the others for you?

Yes please!!

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 21, 2018, 03:40:06 PM »
Lol, oh my god, my faces were supposed to be laughing faces! Sorry my dear friend.  ;D ;D

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 21, 2018, 03:48:21 AM »
Jajajaja, if that's what he actually was trying to mean, you're a magician!!

LoL  >:( >:(:-* )I guess itís a perk of being a teacher! I usually try to see what words they translated from their own language. I think itís easy for me because as I speak Spanish and English I know how Spanish speaking people tend to translate word by word!!

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 21, 2018, 03:45:23 AM »
Im guessing he wants to post this in a thread and wants our corrections. Let me see if I can correct this:

I donít agree with your ideas. Those newbies who donít reas the rules and regulations of this forum are most likely spammers, not real newbies. If from the beginning their real intention is phishing, why would read the rules? But those newbies who participate actively in the forum have for sure read the rules, so itís not fair to say all newbies are the same!

I hope this is what he meant!

Sorry I just find a typo, read - not reas

Practice threads / Re: Need corrections
« on: October 20, 2018, 10:38:55 PM »

I am not agree with your thoughts. Because those newbies who doesn't read the rules and regulations of this forum are not actually newbies they are spammer. At the beginning their intentions is only to phishing in the forum so why they read the rules. But all fingers are not equal ,Those newbies who are positively participated in this forum is because of rules only, they read.

Im guessing he wants to post this in a thread and wants our corrections. Let me see if I can correct this:

I donít agree with your ideas. Those newbies who donít reas the rules and regulations of this forum are most likely spammers, not real newbies. If from the beginning their real intention is phishing, why would read the rules? But those newbies who participate actively in the forum have for sure read the rules, so itís not fair to say all newbies are the same!

I hope this is what he meant!

There are a few minor points, such as a typo where you have left out the "n" in what I suspect is "in". Another one is the phrase " a complete mayhem", In this case mayhem is not being used as a noun, so the "a" is not required.

Thank your for your corrections, this point though, I wanted to use mayhem as a noun, now I'm not sure if this would be wrong. I don't think it is as the dictionary says this:

noun [ U ] UK ​  /ˈmeɪ.hem/ US ​  /ˈmeɪ.hem/

a situation in which there is little or no order or control:

With 20 kids running around and only two adults to supervise, it was complete mayhem.

General Discussion / Re: Politically incorrect music in bad taste.
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:28:15 PM »
So I'm not sure what is your opinion about this particular song, did you find it amusing or distasteful?

Talking about music and how tastes change, in Mexico the current trend is something called regueton and it's not just that the music and lyrics are distasteful , is the way people dance such music.
The problem is that now every children dance this and it's shocking to see that sometimes are their parents who record them and the share those awful videos online.

I had the intention of sharing a video of ti, but they are just to much!!! Where will we en up? :'(  :'(

The 2006 Mexican presidential elections were unusual. Following a term with a new political party after 50 years of the same policies, Mexicans face the choice of choosing the same party again, returning to the old system, or voting for a further change. The results showed a divided country, and since the elected president had won elections by just half of a percentage point, it was technically a tie.
And the sore loser was not going to take this lying down. Oh, and he didn't!!
Mexico City became chaotic when Mr. Andres M. Lopez decided he would take the city by siege until his rightful claims were heard (they never were), and he paralyzed one of the busiest and most beautiful and touristic parts of the city with his siege. The economy of the whole city was affected and jobs were lost. Businesses had to close since there was not enough money for them to go on. Traffic became a complete mayhem, but Mr. Lopez stood his ground for 47 days.
According to the National Chamber of Commerce at least 35 thousand businesses had to close, and a total of 7 thousand 796 million pesos were lost, since most businesses saw a steep reduction of 60% in their revenue. At least 3,900,000 people lost their jobs. It was as disaster!
But Mr. Lopez was never heard and the Federal Electoral Institute didnít budge, it would not order a recount of the votes. Mr. Lopezí claims were not related to the unfairness of the election policies in Mexico, they were claims based on how the polls were counted and how there were irregularities i this regard. The whole country felt cheated as did Mr. Andres. Mexico would be the only country in the world that would not hold a second round election when such claims were made and up to some point proven, or that wouldnít heed claims of unfair counting in an open election, the fact is that in Mexico you can win if you have as much as one vote more than your opponents.
The presidential term was bitter for many and the economy suffered due to the consequence of the city siege, many foreign investors were afraid and withdrew their money, others would note even dare to invest in Mexicoís economy and the feeling that the president was in its position only because someone cheated his way into it was wide and saddening.
Six years went by and election time was here again. Everyone said things would be different, the old party made promises again and now they had the Golden boy on their ranks, their candidate was charming, handsome and Young, he had a beautiful wife who used to be an actress in very famous Mexican soap operas, and thus with such publicity trick he won the heart of most Mexican women, women would say, Iíd vote for him just to have a handsome president to look at.
Andres Manuel was again in the run to become president, but the uncertainty was what if he lost again? Could the city endure another tantrum?
It wasn't that his ideals and proposals weren't good; it was just the fact that he had put his desires and what he believed were his rights above everything else, even above the needs of the population, citizens he had promised to help. How could you trust a leader that does that?
And so the people went back to the safest bet, the former party that had ruled for more than 50 years won again with the Golden boy. Andres Manuel was again out of sorts. This time though the winner had won 38.2% of the vote while Lopez Obrador had only obtained 31.56% of the total votes. He would have to wait yet another term to attempt and win the presidential chair.
2018 came around and some thought Andres Manuel have had enough fight, and he would not contend again, and yet they were wrong, he would give it his best and with amazing proposals and strong declarations against those in the highest levels of the government, envisioning a country that would take care of the least favored and that would be built on the shoulders of those who wanted to help him achieve this goal. Promising a stern government where those in high places would reduce their salaries, where there would be no excesses, he calls all this policies the way to pave the road to The Fourth Transformation.
This time, he won the elections, and he will become Mexicoís president in just a few weeks. Letís see if he indeed delivers these promises and fights for the citizens as he did for himself when he felt he had been wronged.     

Here is the second draft, I kept some of the correctins you suggested, let's see what you think of this!

General Discussion / Why do everybody hate Bounty Hunters?
« on: October 15, 2018, 06:15:12 PM »
I came to the BTT forum looking for a way to get an extra income for my family. The economy in Mexico is not greaat and what ever extra penny we can make is so needed. As I started to post some ANN I had translated I relised my pictures were not showing because I was a newby and that I couldn't become a Jr. Member unless I could get a merit. I was really desperate, since the projects I was working on kicked me out of their programs because although my translation was good, my posts were not useful for their projects. So can you blame me or those in such forum who are "Chasing thebacon"

I wonder, why such hate!!?? LOL  ;D


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