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The United Kingdom and the European Union / Re: What will happen when the UK leaves the EU
« Last post by Anglo on January 30, 2020, 01:20:31 PM »
It looks as if we are going to have a watered down version of Theresa May's fake Brexit. The banker Johnson is not going to stop EU super-fishing in our waters, and he will carry on paying the EU leeches with no benefit to the UK. It's rubbish to say that Britain needs to negotiate financial access to the EU, as the EU can't survive without London, and it needs to negotiate access to the British financial markets, not the reverse.
He's an interesting guy, and I've watched a few of his videos. This is one about exercise, and the natural production f human growth hormone.
Dr Ekberg (a former Olympic athlete) talks about the additives found in many supermarket products, and the use of seed oils and artificial sweeteners. Many items offered for sale have had nutrients removed, and synthetic additives introduced to prolong product shelf life. He discusses 10 "food" items that you should avoid, and provides an in depth reasoning for his recommendations.
English historical notes / Re: An old farming or household tool
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 24, 2020, 04:46:46 PM »
The old tools were rusty and no use.

He thinks it is a custom made too,and designed by a woodsman. He seems to have modified a bill hook to create the tool.
Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies / Have they just killed Bitcoin Cash?
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 24, 2020, 04:33:58 PM »
BCH has announced that they are levying a 12.5% mining tax, and payment has to be made to a Hong Kong company. Miners who don't pay the tax will have their blocks orphaned, and thus gain no reward. So much for decentralisation.
It seems that the treasonous John Bercow is having a wobbly about the fact that he will be the first Speaker of the House of Commons who doesn't receive a peerage. I think that there will be a national outcry if he is given one. He brought the office into disrepute, and bent ( some say broke) the rules of conduct that go with the position. He seems to have done everything he can to thwart the decision of the people to leave the EU, and to mess up the country by attempting to destroy the operation of a centuries old parliamentary system.
Scientific discussions / Professor William Happer discusses CO2 and climate change.
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 24, 2020, 08:39:13 AM »
Professor William Happer is a climate change contrarian, and he argues that CO2 effects are misrepresented. In this video, he discusses some effects such as the fact that in a corn field, CO2 levels during the day will be half the levels found during the night. He also argues that an increase in CO2 helps C3 plants such as Soya, and this is beneficial for the environment.
Computer and the Internet / Re: Is StarLink from SpaceX the future of the Internet?
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 24, 2020, 07:28:07 AM »
I think they want to build up to that volume over the next few years. As the older satellites start to self-destruct, then the newer ones can take over. I suspect he wants to prove that he is faster, cheaper and safer than 5G as well. I wonder if 5G will survive if it starts to create health problems.
Computer and the Internet / Re: Is StarLink from SpaceX the future of the Internet?
« Last post by jackg on January 23, 2020, 07:59:37 AM »
I don't even think they need that many. I don't think there are many sonass satellites for example and there are only 6 outernet satellites.

You can argue that using less satellites would decrease bandwidth but they could still just have more output devices.

Also, does the American government have any involvement in spacex? These satellites could be used for more advanced tracking purposes and not to mention the microwave radiation will likely cause issues with heating up the atmosphere from the microwave radiation if enough hit at one spot...

I don't think we've found a way to make solar panels out of anything but plastic which is obviously going to be a detriment to the oceans if it just falls out of the sky and burns up into microplastic (much like how you can't destroy a hard drive in a closed garage due to the fumes).
Computer and the Internet / Is StarLink from SpaceX the future of the Internet?
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 22, 2020, 01:11:55 PM »
SpaceX has developed its own rocket launcher, and it can put satellites into orbit at a lower cost than anyone else at the moment. It is planned to have up to 30,000 satellites in orbit in the not too distant future. This will provide Internet communications that are cheaper and faster than 5G. But what will the environmental cost be? The satellites have a planned life of around 5 years, and after this, they reenter the atmosphere and burn up. Nobody seems to consider the pollution and environmental impact of this, especially as other organisations such as Amazon are planning to create similar systems. How will this affect astronomy with so much debris floating around up there?

HyperChange discusses some of these topics in this video -
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