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Micro-greens are the green shoots that you can grow yourself from alfalfa and other ppular seeds. I'm going to have a go at sprouting some other seeds which are know to have health benefits. The first one will be nigella ( love in a mist ). I bought a reduced price pack for a friend, and I'm going to try to sprout some of them. Some bird seed has been sprayed to inhibit sprouting, and obviously you don't want this type, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the pack that says that my seeds have been treated.

I'll sort out a suitable jar, and keep you guys informed. The hardest part is going to be getting a pair of tights ( panty hose ) off a girl to use as a cover for the jar. :)
para gordas / Re: Life beyond the curve.
« Last post by Jet Cash on Today at 08:59:40 AM »
Little off topic: Is it not costly to float each site? because in the end you have to pay Domain hosting fees for every site.

It's cheaper per site if you start lots of them, and I try to recover some of the money through affilite links and domain name sales.
para gordas / Re: Welcome to para gordas
« Last post by Jet Cash on Today at 08:56:08 AM »
I'm really sorry that I've neglected these projects. I'm going through a bit of a change in attitude. For some time I have been rejecting the expanding products of the globalists, and encouraging the use of alternatives. Organisations like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and big pharma are extremely destructive to most of society. However, most people dont seem to care, and they keep picking Eve's apples. I still want to support the projects that help people to survive in a difficult and toxic world, but I think it might be useful to research some of the globalist tools, and that way it is easier to protect oneself from them.

Hopefully I will be able to spend some more time on these projects over the next few weeks.
para gordas / Re: Life beyond the curve.
« Last post by r1s2g3 on Yesterday at 09:23:45 PM »
A great idea to start the global forum for this discussion.

Little off topic: Is it not costly to float each site? because in the end you have to pay Domain hosting fees for every site.
para gordas / Re: Welcome to para gordas
« Last post by r1s2g3 on Yesterday at 09:18:23 PM »
So in the spirit behind the creation of this thread, let me say that Mexico is a country where plus size girls canít find a decent place to buy nice clothes, all plus size clothes are like for my grandma! And donít ven get me started about underwear!! OMG itís really aweful.
So I can only buy nice clothes in super expensive department stores and still kinda ugly! Itís really sad!

I see here an opportunity to open a boutique for + size people.  Industrialization kill sewing because  machine made cloths are much cheaper . Then Capitalism plays its parts, taking insane profits but still they were somewhat cheaper then the handmade cloth and people lost the skills of stitching on their own.
I've always thought that Bitcoin is a great way to raise money fore charities. I ws talking to a guy from air ambulances this morning, and I think I'm going to have a go at raising money for them. So much charity money gets funnellled into the big pharma bank accounts, or the Oxfam prpoerty empire. Really important services like the Air Ambulances ofthe Lifeboats, are underfunded by the government, and struggle to raise money to provide their services.
You know she is finished when all the belittling jokes start to appear. Jet Cash posted tht Larry the cat has resigned from his position as chief mouser at No 19 Downing Street.

Now it is being reported that she has phoned IKEA to order a new cabinet. Of course as an ardent Pro-European remainer, she wouldn't use a British company, but instead, she would opt for a Swedish company. Not only that, but IKEA uses the globalist methods of reducing taxes, and, despite it sales of $28 billion per year, it is registered as a charity, and only pays tax at 3.5%. They need to change their accountant, that rate sounds a bit high for the super-national globalist organisations.

The profit and tax information was provided by Fast Company -
General Discussion / Larry the cat has resigned over Brexit negotiations.
« Last post by Jet Cash on November 16, 2018, 05:46:13 PM »
This report is on elsewhere. Larry the cat is the chief mouser at No 10 Downing Street.
Well it looks as if the chain has split at block number 556,766, which was mined by the SV pool.

Events over the next few days will determine if we have two new coins, or if one will be the winner, and the other will die. Bitcoin SV claims to have a 51% majority of the hash power, and that this will allow them to execute double spend attacks in the current hash war.
Lets see how this contentious fork will affect the whole crypto market.
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