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SpaceX has developed its own rocket launcher, and it can put satellites into orbit at a lower cost than anyone else at the moment. It is planned to have up to 30,000 satellites in orbit in the not too distant future. This will provide Internet communications that are cheaper and faster than 5G. But what will the environmental cost be? The satellites have a planned life of around 5 years, and after this, they reenter the atmosphere and burn up. Nobody seems to consider the pollution and environmental impact of this, especially as other organisations such as Amazon are planning to create similar systems. How will this affect astronomy with so much debris floating around up there?

HyperChange discusses some of these topics in this video -
This video discusses the rise of the Forex markets following the ending of the Bretton Woods agreement. It touches briefly on the way China suppressed the value of the Renminbi to maintain an export advantage. It refers briefly to derivatives, and dropping of the gold and silver standards.
We are now in the age of computers,and computer trading of assets and currencies.This video discusses many of the techniques being used at the moment, and even covers dark pools.
Jeff Taylor discusses the recent surveys that indicate that over 1,400 EU financial organisations are panning to open offices in the UK after Brexit. It doesn't seem that any ones in the UK are planning to move to the EU. You can hear his comments on YouTube by clicking this link -
There is a rather strange court case starting, and of course it has been initiated by an Oxford professor. Once the UK leaves to EU, and that is certain to happen now, then its citizens will no longer be subject to the European Court of Justice whilst they are in the UK. However, the court action, which is being started in the ECJ, claims that the UK leaving the EU should not deprive UK citizens of EU freedom of movement rights and citizenship of the EU. Of course, the EU will have no jurisdiction over the UK, so no reciprocal arrangement will be enforceable. If the ECJ rules in favour of this action, it will create a massive headache for the EU. For example, will it mean that the UK will have the right to elect MEPs whilst not being under EU jurisdiction? What about their descendants - will they also be EU citizens?

I'll try to find out a bit more, and post an update.
English historical notes / Re: How computers and old coins keep Big Ben accurate
« Last post by jackg on January 18, 2020, 05:39:24 PM »
I think I remember another documentary where the bl broke the first time it was installed due to the main hammer being slightly too heavy. I don't think we can imagine the disappointment of lifting a 14 ton bell up in the victoriana times and it breaking immediately...

Probably how it'd go now if I was building it .
English historical notes / How computers and old coins keep Big Ben accurate
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 18, 2020, 09:13:51 AM »
Big Ben is rs the large bell located in St Stephen's tower in the Palace of Westminster in London ( known as the Houses of Parliament). This interesting video gives and insight into the way the Victorian clock maintains accuracy in the age of modern technology. It is a mix of computers, heat sensors, and ancient tricks such as the use of old coins to create extra weight.
English historical notes / ∆thelstan: The First King of the English
« Last post by Talker on January 15, 2020, 01:51:22 PM »
Here is an interesting video about a king who managed to unite the British Isles under the rule of the English.
Motoring and motoring history / Unusual motorhomes
« Last post by Offgrid Camper on January 13, 2020, 08:07:46 AM »
This video illustrates some unusual campers that you wouldn't believe existed unless you saw them. It includes a $3,000,000 luxury hoe, a couple of amphibious ones, a 5 mph Victorian replica, and the ultimate offroader based on a mining earth mover.
Motoring and motoring history / Jay Leno's rebuilt 1934 Rolls Royce Merlin tourer.
« Last post by Jet Cash on January 13, 2020, 07:38:35 AM »
I found this video really interesting. Jay Leno bought a Rolls Royce based project, and spent around 20 years restoring and rebuilding it. It has many modern features to make it safe to drive. The Merlin engine was the one built by Eolls Royce, andit was used in the Spitfire aircraft in World War II. It is worth watching the video for the technical discussions about managing the power output from the engine, as well as the historical notes.
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