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English marketing phrases
« on: July 10, 2018, 05:27:57 PM »
I'm pretty stressed about the current activities of our unicorn politicians, and their machinations to attempt to avoid leaving the EU.  I've got quite a few domain names for Brexit, but I wanted to try to find a possibly catchy marketing phrase, and I noticed that one of my names is (sorry, there isn't anything on the site yet ). All of the publicity about a fake, or non-existent departure refers to it as a "soft Brexit", but all of the so called deals have a lethal sting concealed in them, and I think " soft wasp " sums it up. This led me to think of some of the marketing phrases used by large companies that try to promise benefits to their customers, but actually have a contradictory alternative meaning.

Every little helps

This is a slogan used by a major UK supermarket chain, and this retailer has been prosecuted several times for relabelling out of date products. It has also been called to task for charging more than twice the price for a 1Kg pack than they charge for a half Kilo pack. At the same time, they display messages such as "bigger pack, better value". The consumer thinks that "every little helps" means that small savings on their shopping will help the family budget. In fact they are more expensive than many other supermarkets, and the extra pennies that they make from their more expensive "special offers" add up to a steady increase in their annual profits. Every little bit extra paid by their customers helps them with their record growth.