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Introducing myself
« on: July 23, 2018, 12:03:58 AM »
Hi guys. Im Josť im from nicaraguaa country in central america Im 28 year im medical doctor in my country.
As i hope some of you may know. My country its getting into a political and economical mess. Just as Venezuela and Angola some years ago.
Just as them . We are governed by an asshole who took advantage of people ignorance and poverty just as chavez and dossantos in angola.

My country has 2 month since the protest started harshfully. But since 2011 when (including me) some students start doing a pacifical protest when the government took the money they gave them every month to the elderly who didnt finish paying their insurance.

At the 2nd day of protest. at 4 Am they use paramilitary forces and they beat up the protesters ( thank god i leave the place because i have to be at 6 am in the hospital doing my practice)they rob everyone there their phones, their cars, everything and.. the bihop of the city had to go to negotiate with the paramilitary forces named ( juventud sandinista or Sandinista youth). They revoked the law the day after but those crimes they performed by their para military forces didnt go to trail. and the same happened 18 april these year and they have killed > 350 protesters at this time and they are thousands missing. The thing its not goin to get better and that why im looking for other kind of incomes and this is why i joined bitcointalk.. but my english is a serious barrier to me. The only way i learned some was by looking tv shows and playing video games in my youth. Well guys have a nice day and thx for your attention

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Re: Introducing myself
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Welcome to the project. Your English doesn't look too bad, but there are one or two bits that could do with some clarification. I'll work over it a bit later for you.

I'm sorry tohear of the problems in your country, and it seems that all countries are having difficulties as the globalists try yo make their play to increase debt slavery, steal the assets and capital of countries, and promote their policy of global eugenics. If we are to save our countries, and preserve our national identities, then we will need to work together, and this means that we have to use a common language for the exchange of ideas. English seems to be the obvious choice, especially as it is the language used by the globalists. I hope that this project will help members to improve their English communication skills.


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Re: Introducing myself
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Hey there.

I`m glad to see you around here. Let`s hope we can help you to improve your English and to earn knowledge about BitcoinTalk and the political situation around the globe.

I`m from Mexico. In here, violence is our every day situation too. We are fortunated, however, for our new president seems to have the right mindset, but in here the criminal records have become unbearable. The world is getting crazy, man.

Anyway, welcome. We can discuss whatever you need to know, both in the Spanish or the English board, you can also help to translate into English some good posts from the Spanish board in Bitcoin Talk, if you desire.
Any question regarding this site, I will be happy to answer.

So welcome, mate.
Nothing last forever, even bad situations.

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Re: Introducing myself
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2018, 06:08:21 AM »
Thx men even in bad situations i think we have to be able to learn to see new options, that's what my father used to tell me, So before the economic situation become unsustainable, Im looking for option to get revenue from the outside that's why i started learn everything i could in bitcointalk. But the language its a big barrier because almost every important announcement become available in english first :p well guys have a good night