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How is the right way to response
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Quote from: xxxxxxxx on July 25, 2018, XX:XX:XX PM
Tell me, please, such question, whether dividends will be added to holders of tokens of the given project?

This project is packed with great innovative ideas and endless possibilities powered by blockchain technology, i see the concept of it and i must say am fascinated by it all, i think this will surely attract investors looking for great and innovative project, but seem to be on the high side though.

I understand that in English, sometimes the answers are very direct, that if we used them literally in Spanish, there would be many problems, but apparently they are politically correct in English, in this case, it is presented in a thread that I have in Bitcointalk a doubt of someone and a third response, but according to my criteria, although I consider the original question out of context, or vitiated in the sense of investment, the other person who answers does not answer the question, and in my case, I am very worried about leaving a Open doubt, but I do not want to be rude, but I want to answer the question clearly.
How would be the correct way to explain, that a currency, and especially in an ICO should not and can not guarantee any benefit and doing it is practically a declared scam.

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Re: How is the right way to response
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I'm not sure that I'm the right person to answer that, as I think that 95% of ICOs are scams. I don't think that ICOs are currencies either. I don't understand the full context of your question, but lets have a go at a possible response.

When evaluating an investment project one should always perform due dilligence. Always ask for details of the use of the funds, and if there is any guarantee of repayment in a projected time span. If dividends are to be added, how will the funds be obtained, and what is the frequency of payment.

I'm not sure that that helps. If you give me a bit more detail, then perhaps I can elaborate a bit more. I would avoid accusing them of being scammers. It's probably true, but, unless you are a scam buster, it just seems toleadto a lot of grief.

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Re: How is the right way to response
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I believe that all opinions are important, and always if they are done in the right way they contribute something, in this case I would not know if the question itself is tricky, because talking about giving dividends to those who have the token sounds like a scam, As you say, I am also a faithful believer that a lot of ICO are simple scams adorned in the best of cases, in others, they are scams in disguise and in some others are projects that should not even be an ICO by nature, since they only seek raise capital for a project and use the blockchain technology as an excuse.

As for my ICO, we know from the day that we decided to make it public, that we are the Cinderella of technology, because what is striking is the technological innovations or the tokens that generate dividends, despite the fact that they may or may not be a scam or an impossibility.

The projects, which involve education and advances in marketing, are not the most striking, and the evaluation is very generic, people simply say, there is another equal, when we have indifferently thousands of differentiators.

in this specific case, the answer I would like to give is to clarify that we can not guarantee a benefit, but above all clarify that this is the right way, for this we paid a legal evaluation, that would give us your opinion about the project, and assure us that we could do and not to not become an illegal product, although it is funny, only one person in all this time has asked me for that legal evaluation, the most recurrent question is "how much do I earn?".

So the answer I want to give, should be friendly, but forceful, but without the intention of offending the interests of the person, who incidentally is a MEMBER of bitcointalk, so I am very surprised by the question at this point.