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Shelters of Ignorance (draft)
« on: August 10, 2018, 06:17:05 PM »
It was not my intention to write this, in fact, I had decided not to write on this subject for fear of hurting susceptibilities, but it happens that today I want to write about another topic, and if I do not explain or bring this up before, I will not make myself understood and I will end up leaving aside what really matters.

The theme of shelters, understood as that place where we feel safe and protected, associated with ignorance, is very simple, and is just a matter of reflection that I bring up.

These refuges to which I refer are those knowledge, objects and other tricks that we use to match ourselves at the level at which we are understood.

the best example is when, no matter how many languages ​​we know, when we talk to someone who only speaks one of them, we maintain communication in that language so that they can understand us and keep a thread of conversation.

the same happens with everyday life, in my country, for example, there are 3 topics that for me are the great refuges of ignorance.

3.-Cell phones and basic technology (televisions and sound equipment)

These three topics create fashion, are business, serve as entertainment, generate controversy and allow us to measure the quality of life.

Everyone can talk about sports, an entertainer of an event, just by naming the two rival teams by tradition in the area, raises spirits in the crowd, people feel well dressed when they wear sportswear and even cost much more than a quality admin. For example these days I saw how some sports shoes could be more expensive than Italian leather shoes made by hand and made to measure.

Of cars, it is easy to know, there are levels of knowledge and others, you can know of national models, international models, brands and characteristics, and there are those who take this to the next level by providing data that is not at first sight.

As for cellular telephony, you may not know how to conjugate a verb or the gerund of a word, but you have all the communication systems written in your latest technology device, no matter your academic level or knowledge, your cell phone is and should be of last technology, and you show it because it is something simple to evaluate at sight, the same thing happens with televisions and sound equipment, which have no intention of reproducing any work of transcendence, if not listen to the latest fashion regueeton.

These in general are the so-called refuges of ignorance, that street knowledge, without academics, without style, basic and vague for the common people, whose fundamental characteristic is that it does not require further study, research or learning, rather than copying which loads another.

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Re: Shelters of Ignorance (draft)
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 05:02:43 PM »
Well, I hope I understood your thread well. If so, I agree. I think the people feel really comfortable in their own ignorance. Even though there is a lot of knowledge waiting for us to get it, most of the people prefer to stay in theyr "mental shelters" of beliefs.
I can see it daily in my country: how acallorated a discussion can get while talking about football and how few really cares about what`s going on in our society. I`ve seen people really getting angry about a football "injustice", but not even giving a though to massive assasinations, for instance.
That`s sad.

Like Orwell used to write "ignorance is happyness". I don`t know if people has taken too seriusly that statement.