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Using domain names to pick up Bitcoin.
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One way to collect Bitcoin is to sell products, and accept Bitcoin as payment. This avoids conversion fees and transaction charges. If you can purchase items and sell them for a profit, then this is an even better way to build your Bitcoin savings. One product that can provide a very high profit is an Internet domain name, but like every high earnings project, there is also a high level of risk. If there is enough interest, then I'll post some guidelines for anyone who want to experiment with this market.

The most important thing is to choose a domain name registrar that has a market place, and will pay out in Bitcoin regardless of the method of payment chosen by your buyer. I use Name Silo as they include a number of free options including privacy, and a sales template generator, and a free hosted market site generator. The fee for a sale through their main market site is fairly low, and it includes escrow and an immediate account push.

To check their prices the click this link - Name Silo domain registration prices
and if you use the promo code USEBITCOIN you can save $1 on your first purchase.

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Re: Using domain names to pick up Bitcoin.
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I picked up an expired name today, and I'll use that as an example of either making a nice profit, or losing all my money. I paid $1 for the name, and I had to renew it for a year, so the total cost was under $10. Now I have got a year to sell the name for a profit.
The name is, and it is a bit of a gamble really. It is a .com and the name is memorable, also free drone delivery is a topic with increasing interest as Amazon suggests this is the delivery option of the future.

I checked the Godaddy valuation for this name, and they value it at $986, and I think this is a bit high. Here is the valuation - Godaddy valuation for Free Drone In order to get anything like this price, I would need to do quite a bit of marketing work, or to put it on one of the major auction site, and pay their fees, and I would still not have any guarantee of a sale.

I created a free sales page here - Buy for immediate transfer, and I'll create a five minute landing page using my own hosting, and I'll include a link to the sales page on that. I've under-priced the name at $195 to see if I can get a quick "flip", and I'll keep you guys updated at to the progress (if any ) of the sale.
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