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Why were bagpipes invented
« on: September 10, 2018, 03:21:11 PM »
Scotland is a country in its own right, and it has a proud warrior history. It may not surprise you that the bagpipes were invented as a weapon of war. The intention was to instill fear into the opposing army, and it probably worked. Their warriors were know as "The women from hell" as the kilted army entered the fray accompanied by the wail of the bagpipes.

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Re: Why were bagpipes invented
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Well it still work until now but not in the form of bag pipe instead in a form of social media. People are spreading fake news everywhere that will instill to the minds of the people that the fake news being spread over and over again is true and would inflict fear from those who will going to believe in it.

Here in our country the social media is a medium for fake news and sometimes I will just thought to better get away with it right now for there will be incoming senatorial elections and it is expected that fake people will spread fake news again. I am so tired of this kind of trend here in our country on every election involving dirty talks with the opposite parties that are running for a position in the election.

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Re: Why were bagpipes invented
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That's an interesting analogy, and it's something that I hadn't considered. I can see why you would think that the aggressive wail of social media is a weapon created to intimidate readers/viewers.

Could you expand on your idea, and maybe we could open it up for discussion in the Bitcoin Talk forum.

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Re: Why were bagpipes invented
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Talking about the country of Scotland I remember the history of the First Scottish Independence War was the first part of the war that took place between the British Empire and Scotland. This war began after Britain invaded Scotland in 1296 by winning independence. with a formidable kingdom I think indeed the Scottish army can be said to be tough by fighting while standing without fear,
I can say this news is positive.