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Kingston Black English apples
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The Kingston Black is one of the old varieties of English apples. Its sharp bittersweet taste made it perfect for the manufacture of cider, and this is how it achieved its alternative name of Taunto Black. Taunton is a rural town in the county of Somerset, and is at the centre of the traditional cider making region. Regrettably England was forced to burn many traditional apple orchards when the UK joined the European Union. One result of this is that much of the modern cider is derived from French apple pap, rather than the superior old English varieties. Kingston Black is such a perfectr apple though, that many trees have survived, and are being used by small local breweries such as Barrow Hill.

Historic note - Some of the original cider presses had lead frames, and the acid apple juice made a toxix liquid as it flowed over the lead frames in the presses. This could lead to brain damage and other illnesses amongst the cider drinkers. One reason that the rich didn't suffere from this was the social habit of visiting spa baths. The weightlessness of floating in the water, coupled with the drinking of the spa water released to toxins in the body via urine. Although this also resulted in the loss of beneficial minerals as well as the toxins, these minerals were replaced by the spa water.