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People, I just have seen how yesterday a great Earthquake messed-up with Indonesia.
First of all, ARE YOU GUYS OK????

Secondly, well, I've been a rescuer from the last 4 years and lived some similar situation (earthquake) in Mexico too, the last year. So, I have some recommendations for you to read, just in case:
1.- Be careful with the installations: both gas and light might be revised.
2.- Do not trust any structure. A lot of buildings fall after a couple of days, because of the new little earthquakes or rain, or a simple truck passing too close. So, do not trust them, take a look of them, any crack should be taken under consideration, but neither panic, just ask the authorities to take a look if you see anything suspicious.
3.- Keep a  security bag with you with those objects: your personal documentation, a lamp, face masks, a first aid kit and some batteries, a cell phone, a radio, any medication you take, or someone closed to you, must be on the bag, some clothes, etc.
4.- Never never give medical help to someone if you don't know what to do. But, of course, if somebody is in peril (for instance, something is about to fall on his/her head, well, just try to keep them safe until the help arrives).
5.- Everyone wants to help when a situation like this came. I get it. But try to not interfere with the emergency personnel or the professional rescuers. This is annoying when you arrive at some place and are unable to work because of the people "trying to help". Just listen to the commands of the people. If you need to pray, then pray, but away from the emergency zone. Stay home if yours is secure, always with your security bag closed to you.
6.- Do not spread the unconfirmed news. THAT'S REALLY IMPORTANT. Always, when there is a tragedy, the most common situation is to receive, as rescuers, tons of false alarms, because the people are too scared. But it always makes the rescuers lose too much time, so, please, do not spread, under any circumstance, a new or any kind of information you just can't corroborate.
7.- Help others if you are calmed. If you can, just help the people around you, by sharing news, by sharing blankets, by just smiling. Just spread the calm. If you are too nervous, then just don't spread your panic.
8.- Everyone can help but you don't need to be a hero. By giving someone homeless a place to stay or a tent, or a single blanket, even a sandwich. That's helping. Playing a hero in such a situation is something to avoid.
9.- Be careful with the drinking water. When an earthquake shakes the earth, it is kind of common for the water table to suffer a little variation. This can mix the potable water with the residual one, and that's why, after one, it is kind of common that an outbreak of cholera, for instance, appears. So be careful, and try to drink only bottled water for a while.

Well, those are, from my perspective and experience, the most important points coming to my mind. If I remember something else, I will EDIT the post.
Be safe, people.

Wish you the best.
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