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Hi everyone, my name is Mony now I知 from Mexico. I致e been a teacher for almost 20 years and and recently I started translating some bounties. It has been a real roller coaster, since I never envio Eda myself talking about alconins, and bitcoins, etc. But now I知 learning so much of so much!! I知 here willing to help anyone I can with my knowledge and hoping to get help wher I lack such knowledge.
I知 so happy to be here!

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Welcome to the forum, and we could always do with some help in translation. There are so many flavours of English, and varieties in the spelling of words, that it is interesting to see the regional variations.

As this is an English help site, it is always worth rereading your posts to make sure that you haven't made any typing errors. I've worn out the keyboard on this computer, and it keeps on omitting letters for example.


--- Quote from: Sweetstar78 on October 01, 2018, 09:10:00 PM ---
I知 so happy to be here!

--- End quote ---

Hey there, Sweetstart78!!
I'm glad you're here too!!! Welcome to this space and I hope you enjoy being in this forum.
Some of the boards are about regional cultural differences, like the one related to the food around the world, so don't be afraid of joining them as well as the practice or the translating ones. We are also into knowing about how the people is doing around the world!!

So, welcome, and enjoy the FTT project.  ;)

Thanks for the warm welcome!! I'm happy to be here!
For a few weeks I felt so lonely since, I started with this world, I had no one to turn to.
Thanks for inviting me here and for accepting me too.
I'd be glad to help in whichever way I can.

Just curious, Do Mexico uses American English or British English?


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