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Promoting Nature's Plan and Natural Birth
« on: November 03, 2018, 02:54:09 PM »
The daughter of a friend of mine is in hospital in the later stages of pregnancy, and the hospital is insisting on inducing the baby. I don't know much about this topic, but my instinct is that nature knows best. This seems to be born out by this article -

What do you girls think about induced birth? Do you think it can lead to damage to the baby and its immune system?

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Re: Promoting Nature's Plan and Natural Birth
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I've had two children, my first I was young and I was overdue a week so the doctors induced the baby and still I wasn't able to give birth, so I went through a C-section. In my country doctors are obligated to put mothers through all the meds before going into a C-section, which in a way is a good thing. My son though had a lot of troubles growing up related to respiratory issues, the pediatrician said it was because he wasn't born through the birth canal, when he was born he had to be kept in an incubator since he had some trouble breathing.
On the other hand my second baby, 17 year after, I was too old this time round,  ;D ;D ;D. And this time my baby girl had the cord round her neck, which I told the doctor as I arrived to the emergency room, I went there with no labor pains just because my blood pressure was really high, they stabilized it and I was still a week early and yet they induced labor, I went through labor and yet as my baby had the cord around her neck she wasn't able to born like this, so I went through another c-section. Again my baby had to be kept in the incubator and she had an awful bump on her head because of the strain of being pushed out and was held back. I wasn't able to see her as she was being born and I was so upset for the whole ordeal but that is how hospitals work here, they try to save money by putting mothers through unnecessary pains and put babies through so much stress when they are being born, also the human side is nowhere to be found in the whole thing. I think is hard for doctors to know when would be the right time to use these meds and to really know what is the effect on babies, the truth is my two babies had trouble beathing as they were born so maybe this is somehow related to such meds.

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Re: Promoting Nature's Plan and Natural Birth
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Update -

The good news is that the baby, mother, father and grand father are all well and healthy.

The baby was just over 7 pounds, and it was either a boy or a girl.

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Re: Promoting Nature's Plan and Natural Birth
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This is curious, because in Mexico I've know very few woman having a natural deliver. This is because it is far more profitable to doctors to choose the c-section instead of the natural one. In Spain, on the contrary, the deliver is always natural, unless the lives of the mother and the children, or one of them, is in dangerous, but a real one. I've listened too many stories that the sweet star one, in which the doctors always choose to bring the baby through a surgery. Well, I see that as an obstetric violence, for in too many cases this is unnecessary. Of course, I'm not talking about sweetstar, but about many other cases, in fact, a friend of mine is into this problem in Mexico, tryingto educate women about their rights when delivering.
I was surprised about how many c-section Mexicans do, for in Spain it only happens in a really really rare and extreme case. After meeting Dunia, the friend I told you, I understood how this is a business and how horrible it can be for both the mother and the children.
However, this is not only happening in Mexico. My sister in law, she's from Poland and in there is the same: they always prefer to make a surgery to the mother instead of bringing the baby by the natural process, and they always make any possible excuse in order to convince the family. So she decided to have her baby in Spain. The deliver lasted more than 20 hours, something completely normal. By this time I was in Mexico and all my friends were like: " oh, how can it take so long?? Why the doctors don't just operate her???" Again, I was surprised. 20 hours or delivering is both normal and common and, yet, the Mexican people around me were confused and scared.

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Re: Promoting Nature's Plan and Natural Birth
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@Jet cash, did they have the induced birth or wait for it to naturally occur.

@helana, itís the same here. Our doctors are usually on a fixed salary so it doesnít really matter what they do as long as they can prove itís in the interest of the patients...

i would say a natural birth seems healthier, but thereís probably a reason they suggested an induced one, I donít think they normally do it just for lateness in the uk (people go months/weeks late normally without any issues).