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A British TV Show Which Tests Honesty
« on: November 26, 2018, 12:20:53 PM »
I came across a video searching youtube of an old TV show I used to watch (well modern based on the history of the TV but old based on the quality of video)...

In this episode, they put together 4 people that had been honest before to see if they were honest again - but they were all stolen from in their original episode.

The basic construct of the show is to determine who is the most honest for when they build up cash in the end and play the game "split or steal".
If one choses steal and one chooses split, the one who chose steal takes the money and the one who chose split goes home with nothing.
If both choose the steal ball, they both go away with nothing.
If both split, they both share the prize and get half each.

I can imagine this started out as a bit of fun for some of the people who went on it but were probably judged a bit more harshly at interviews and may even have been sacked for it (it sort of proves someone is dishonest quite well)...

If anyone can't get the subtitles for this video, message me and I'll build a transcript for it.
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Re: A British TV Show Which Tests Honesty
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I love Jasper Carrott when he had his own comedy show. I might try tofind someof them.

These videos can be interesting for English language students. Not only do they provide an introduction to colloquialisms, but they highligh some of the British dialects.

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Re: A British TV Show Which Tests Honesty
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Like this:

Iíve watched the first half hour but have an assignment due so Iíll watch the rest tomorrow. I didnít know he was a comedian as well.