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The privacy and other policies of this site.
« on: June 01, 2018, 01:28:22 PM »
I thought it was time that I stated some of the policies of this site. This is not a legal document, and is provided for the information and guidance of members and guests.
The site is hosted in America, and we recognise the laws of the United States. I am English, and I live in England, and I recognise the laws of England. I do not support the failing politically and economically bankrupt European Union, and its attempted sequestration of the assets of the United kingdom.

eMail - we ask for an email address when registering, and this is required as an attmept to reduce the number of spammers attempting to sign up to the site. The address is saved in your account details, and may be used to contact you with regardto various site issues. We do not make these addresses available to any other organisation, and we do not use these for the purpose of selling any products.

IPs - These are stored in the hosting statistics, and they are kept in general form and not related to specific members. Your current IP will be logged in your account, and we may view that to establish your current location.

Board names - we insist on your using your Bitcoin Talk user name as your sobriquet here, as this is primarily a site to support the Bitcoin Talk forum. We check applications, and reject names that are not in the current members list. Using the same name is a great help to the Bitcoin Talk moderators when checking for plagiarism. There are a few members who are not registered with Bitcoin Talk, these are known to the owners and administrators of this site, and were invited to join during the initial start up period.

Profile details - Obviously details that a member has indicated should be in the public domain, will be available for other members to view. Any other details are restricted to viewing by administrators, and they will not be provided to any other party.