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My categorisation of cryptos
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:07:26 PM »
The diversity of new and established cryptos has made me realise that we are entering a world where one will need to use several coins for a variety of purposes. I'm starting to use a few wallets as additions to the obligatory Bitcoin wallet. I'm splitting the coins in a fewe use categories.

The storage of wealth,
The obvious choice here is Bitcoin

Daily international payments
I'm experimenting with Dash because of the privacy and other benefits.

Rewards for content producers and website owners
BAT and the Brave browser - help us by using this link to sign up -
Steemit and Steem tokens - This is a possible Youtube alternative, but I'm still cautious about it.

Coins for speculation and gambling.
I'm avoiding these at the moment.

Which coins are you using, and why did you choose them?