Author Topic: Used of Bitcoin in Africa in pidgin  (Read 1911 times)

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Used of Bitcoin in Africa in pidgin
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:02:05 PM »
Original english thread on Bitcointalk:

Countries wey dey for our continent way be Africa don dey embrace blockchain technology and Bitcoin for their masses. For some countries, the oga at the top them wey be government don dey show small small sign say them like the technology although odas dey tell their citizens say make dey no use the online money say Yahoo yahoo, gee and 419 full am. Me now don take my own time, ask one or two questions  plus small sense wey I already get come make this post say make I point torch for 3 ways wey this Bitcoin, people don dey use am for we continent Africa. Dey include;

[1]: Trading and investment:
Plenty people for countries wey dey Africa like 9ja, Zimbabwe, Kanye, South Africa etc don turn to Bitcoin as their bro J from OWU odas just dey use am increase their wealth. According to one story wey come out last year around that August time, na so five (5) Africa countries come join among Top 50 highest traders of Bitcoin for Localbitcoin exchange the countries be;
7. Nigeria $258M
10. South Africa $98M
23. Kenya $25M
36. Morocco -- $6M
43. Tanzania -- $2M

Make I point out to you say: This stats why you dey see here na only for one exchange oh, we get plenty exchange wey dey we home town and abroad wey Africans dey use buy and sell btc and this na just one of those ways people dey use Bitcoin and oda cryptocurrency for Africa.

[2] Online shopping:
Na so so plenty shops for online wey you fit buy things with cryptocurrency dey show face daily for mostly 9ja and SA. Africans now go fit buy things from online and seatdown for their houses pay for those things wey you buy. Even the big big shop wey person fit see don they join the party self. For 2017 one big shopping store like that for South Africa wey the name na Pick n Pay be dey do body like say do go soon accept Bitcoin as way you go fit pay for something wey you buy. we already get plenty merchant dem wey don dey accept btc and you fit see some of them here.
Merchants Accepting bitcoins for Payment in Africa

3]: Online transaction (money transfer):
Any person wey sabi Africans no say we sabi waka, e no get anywhere for the world wey you go go and you no go find Africans for their numbers, most tyms na hustle carry dem go those places. Plenty Africans commot their countries to find better place wey their hustle go pay and when dey make am, dey go wan send money to their family members but e no easy but with bitcoin everything don dey easy as their transactions now dey fast wella, e easy die ones you sabi am, e come cheap and plus security. The luno wallet/exchange na one of the many platforms wey you fit used for that purpose as e dey very easy to convert Bitcoin to local currency.

I hope say you enjoy the post, you go fit read the english version (link dey above) to understand am wella.