Author Topic: It's cheaper to buy assets than to build them.  (Read 343 times)

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It's cheaper to buy assets than to build them.
« on: February 27, 2019, 03:36:56 PM »
We are in an interesting global economy. It is obviously contracting, and it is now cheaper to buy assets, than it is to build them, and it is much faster to make them productive. The US needs to acquire gold to take it though any future problems that may hit the dollar. Venezuela has the second largest reserve of unmined gold in the world. Whilst everyone is talking about Venezuelan oil, we shouldn't be neglecting the other mineral wealth in Venezuela. I'm certain that China isn't for example. Guaido has stated that he will privatise the mineral wealth, and sell it out to the US. It is important that these assets continue to be owned by the people of Venezuela, and the profits are used to rebuild the economy. Will Maduro be the best leader to achieve this? Possibly not, but it is certain that if the US takes control, the country will sink further into the abyss, and become another US cemetery. Support for their Trojan horse jockey - Guaido, will only consolidate support for Maduro, and this will make a democratic change less likely in the near future.

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Re: It's cheaper to buy assets than to build them.
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The US don't care about gold, they're like the UK... Already printing it in huge amounts lol.

The UK and US have about 20% of the gold that has been mined so far afaik. Although the UK has sold about 200% of the amount of gold that exists there and I think the US has done similar. It'll be interesting if this fake inflation is ever found out...

Even with hope the bolivar could rise in value in the international markets.