Author Topic: Has Washington gone too far by encouraging the power outage in Venezuela?  (Read 422 times)

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Over the last week or so, we have seen Washington stating that it will stimulate protests and direct action to bring down the elected government of Venezuela. Statements from the White House, and from the Washington University graduate Guaido, seem to have created the belief that the sabotage of the electricity generation facility that darkened much of Venezuela, was orchestrated by Washington.

In order to reduce the continuing decline in public opinion about the US, Washington should encourage an investigation, and a disclaimer with proof if the allegations are unfounded.

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This video by Al Jazeera highlights the people who really suffer from these actions/problems. Of course Al Jazeera is a political news source, so we have to take their reports, and relate them to other information that is available. What is obvious from the video though is that Venezuela is able to care for many of its pupulation who need medical care. Of course this ability is reduced by sanctions and sabotage.

Another consideration is the cause of the disabled young people, and one has to wonder if this is the result of vaccination  and toxic drugs emanating from the pharmaceutical companies. We can see the same increase in deformities appearing in other countries in the developed world.

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I wonder if we will ever know the full story behind this, We know that the Venezuelan oil refining industry has problems as a result of a lack of maintenance, and US sanctions must make it hard for them to maintain many facilities. The hard line approach by Washington, and the public threats against the people of Venezuela, make it difficult to consider causes other than sabotage under the direction of Washington. Lets hope that the UN investigation will clear up the matter one way or the other.