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The British commonwealth vs. The US and the EU
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:51:12 AM »
The British Commonwealth is a larger trading block than either the US or the EU. When the UK was coerced into the European Union by the used of deceit and threats, we turned our back on a long established tradition relationship with the Commonwealth countries. It looks as if we are rebuilding our former relationships as we distance ourselves from the declining EU. It will also allow the UK to reestablish the high standard of food sold in the country. We were forced to drop these to comply with the lower standard of the common agricultural policy. The scare mongering about chlorinated chicken fro the US is an indication of the threat perceived by the EU as we improve food quality, and possibly exclude some EU products. At a personal level, I have switched from buying mass produced French brie, to purchasing English brie produced in Somerset. It's only a couple of pence more, and it is far superior in quality in my opinion.

There is lots of other good news that we don't hear about. Defence spending is on the increase, and this may well be because the City of London wants to protect its wealth in the Commonwealth tax havens. This has led to the development of the Type 26 frigate, and this is apparently a world beater, and improving British exports. Canada and Australia have ordered several, and this is probably an indication of future trade deals.