Author Topic: Are you Know that Global politician trying using her bad power?  (Read 491 times)

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We are confused that ISIS is “Muslim”? The Muslim community direct answer that “No”. So why ISIS the terror attack in the world?  So is there any media responsible for this? I think this is the political issues “Few politicians try their power to use worldwide”. I think it is the main problem in the world. Everyone wants that they can establish their rule worldwide. And because of this, the common people are facing losses here and there. I think religion does not issue anywhere.  I think the political power is the biggest problem.

Top news in day

ISIS has threatened to take retaliation for attacks on Muslim on Friday, local time in New York's Christchurch city of Al-Nour and Lynwood Mosque. In a report published on Tuesday, UK-based media The Daily Mail said the threat came from the 44-minute audio recording by the organization's spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir. According to the US-based media "The New York Times", Al-Muhajir threatened to take revenge after breaking six-month silence. He said that after the attacks in these two mosques, the silent Muslims should rise and take revenge as a supporter of Khilafat. Comparing the attack on Christchurch Mosque with the ongoing war in Syria. He said, "Everyone knows that Muslims are being killed by bomb blasts in Syria and massive weapons with devastating weapons."