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Politicians do not listen to some talking!
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The home Ramu worked, Ramu usually steals 2/3 pig from the whiskey bottle of the owner. And later he added the same quantity of water. The owner could understand but never said anything. It happened every day. One day the owner of the house called Ramu from drawing room when Ramu was in the kitchen. Ramu replied then the owner asked who mixed water with the whiskey. Then Ramu didn't reply. The owner of the house repeatedly asked the same question several times still no answer.  Then he went to the kitchen and asked angrily why not replied to his question. Then Ramu answered then he can hear name only from the kitchen. The owner then told Ramu to ask something from the drawing room to justify either Ramu said true or wrong.  Ramu went to the drawing room and sat on the side of Malkin and said, "Malik"? The Owner of the house replied (from Kitchen), "yes Ramu ....".  "Who bought the mobile for the housemaid?" No answer. Then again Ramu asked, "On that day who was driving the car by taking a lady beside him?" No answer. The owner ran to the kitchen and said, "You are right". Only the name can be heard from the kitchen, and nothing can be heard !!!" The chair of power is like a kitchen. If you can sit there, you can see only the Vaishnava flowers in your eyes. No one's tears, no sorrow, nothing. It is only heard that which is not the only way to hear it.