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Threshold has a number of meaning in modern English, and these include the strip of wood at the bottom of a doorway, or the level at which one condition changes into another - for example, the level at which a sound becomes unbearable, or can cause damage. I thought it would be interesting to post the origin of the word.

When harvesting grain, there are three stages. The cutting and collecting of the grain bearing stalks, threshing and winnowing. Threshing is the beating of the harvested stalks to separate the grain from the chaff, and is usually performed with sticks or nunchaku ( used for threshing rice in China ). The final stage is winnowing, which is the blowing of air through the resulting mixture. This removes the lighter chaff, and leaves the heavier grain to be collected. The threshold is an area surrounding the threshing area, and is used to contain any material escaping from the work area.