Author Topic: Is this the future of crypto mining?  (Read 225 times)

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Is this the future of crypto mining?
« on: June 22, 2018, 11:58:40 AM »
We are seeing more ands more articles about the cost of mining for blocks and crypto coins. Much of this is focused on the environmental damage resulting from the 'misuse' of electricity, and the need to cool mining rigs. I noticed one post on Bitcoin Talk which stated that a miner was expanding his mining farm, and that he would be using the heat generated to warm his house. This led me to investigate the topic, and I found a few new room heaters that incorporated mining computers. If this is adopted on a large scale, it will reduce the risk of mining centralisation, and quieten some of the compaints about wasted electricity as a result of Bitcoin mining.

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Re: Is this the future of crypto mining?
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There is probably still a risk of it not being too efficient.
Sure, there the idea that you normally put server rooms in cellars in order to heat up the rest of the building when you don't need instant access to the servers.

There's probably a need to use a pump and I can't imagine it being more efficient than even an old gas boiler (and the miner still needs cooling if it goes beyond a temperature of 50-70 degrees) so the pump/fan will also be quite loud - although they are fairly quiet in houses as there's just a faint hum so maybe this would work. It's always winter somewhere also!